Powerkick generators has a strong range of generators in the 230 Volt applications. All our generators are CE approved, have an Intertek GS certificate and comply with the Euro 5 European guide line (99/96/EC). The generators are ultra silent and very light weighted. By use of the newest inverter technique (motor revs are controlled by the power consumption) we are able to build very silent generators that produce 58 db from a 7 meter distance. All our Powerkick generator are produced with the newest technical innovations so we can guarantee a 2 year warranty when properly used and serviced. Powerkick has a nation wide service network. You can also send all your technical questions by e-mail. When you need spare parts (if the generator in the course of the years needs attention) we can provide them to you from our sparepart program. All our generators hold a unique serial number so we can keep track of the unit. Powerkick also has a showroom to present all our models. All questions can be answered by our staff. If you have any question or you want more information please contact us at info@powerkick-generator.com.

If you have any questions or want more information,
please contact Powerkick (info@powerkick-generator.com).
Here all your questions are answered.

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